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Mr. Instone works closely with a core group of investment specialists within the National Marketplace. With top agents in over 30 regions in the United States and growing, the available inventory throughout the United States is constantly changing. To recognize the value of each investment property requires a thorough understanding of the region, the demographics, and the future potential. "By identifying these 'growth areas' I can offer my clients opportunities that they would normally not be aware of." For a list of available properties that meet your investment objectives and IRC 1031 requriements Email Don at: don@instoneinvestments.com

NNN Properties:

  • 7-Eleven, Pennsboro, WV #A10292643419057_8f0dbb72b9_o$2,200,000 CAP 5.75% New 15 year NNN lease on 7-Eleven, Subway and BP branded gas station. Strong operator, great location.  Status: Available
  • Advance Auto, Houston, TX #A1022
    $1,668,414 CAP 7.25% 15 year NN lease with bumps in the 10th year. Three (5) year options with escalations.Status: SOLD
  • Advance Auto, Munfordville, KY #A1019
    $1,149,597 CAP 7.2% New building with 15 year Corporate guaranteed NN lease
    Rental escalations in initial term & option periodsStatus: Available
  • Advance Auto, Palmview, TX # A1025
    $1,774,000 CAP 7.25 New construction, 15 year NN lease with 10% bump in year 11! BB+ Rated S&P tenant.Status: Available
  • Arby's Restaurant, Dallas, TX #A1015
    $787,000 CAP 7%. NNN lease. Tenant is paying rent including percentage rent.Status: Available
  • Arby's Restaurant, Plymouth, IN #1001
    $1,569,231 CAP 6.5% 20 year NNN Corporate guaranteed lease with bumps every 5 years. Across from a WalMart Supercenter
  • AutoZone, Fitzgerald, GA #1024
    $1,157,000 CAP 7% BBB Investment grade tenant, New 20 year, NN lease with four (5) year options with 12% increases.Status: Available
  • Back Yard Burger #A1005
    $2,324,503 CAP 8.75%. 18 years remaining on NN lease with 3% annual increases. $91,000 ave.household income within one mile. Super strong sales and location.
  • Back Yard Burgers, Buford, GA #1010
    $2,102,933 CAP 8% 20 year NNN lease. 2% bumbs annually. Two 5 year options.Status: Available
  • Big O Tires, Tucson, AZ #A1014
    $1,268,000 CAP 7%.Absolute NNN lease, 7 years remaining, two (5) year renewal option.Status: Available
  • Blockbuster Video, Broomfield CO
    $1,765,000 CAP 8.50% 3 years remaining on NNN lease.Status: SOLD
  • Burger King, Bloomfield NM
    $1,185,000 CAP 8.50% NNN leaseStatus: sold
  • Burger King, Buda, TX #A1021
    $2,153,000 CAP 7.2 Absolute NNN lease with 5% rental increases every five years.Status: Available
  • Burger King, Fort Mohave, AZ #A1016
    $1,600,000 CAP 7%. Absolute NNN lease. Rent bumps every 3 years!Located between Bullhead City and Lake Havasu. Strong franchisee!Status: Available
  • Burger King, Las Vegas NM
    $1,185,000 CAP 8.00% 12 years remaining on NNN lease.
  • Burger King, Tyler, TX #!1026
    $1,571,119 CAP 7.25. Call for information.Status: Available
  • Chilis, Dallas TX
    $1,375,000 CAP 6.00% 10 years remaining in NNN Gound lease.Status: SOLD
  • Circle K, Las Vegas NV
    $2,190,000 CAP 6.50% 17 years remaining on NNN with five year options
  • Circle K, Rialto CA
    $2,160,000 CAP 7.20% 4 years remaining on NNN lease.Status: SOLD
  • Dollar Tree, Tehachapi CA
    $1,589,000 CAP 6.50% 10 years remaining on NNN with 10% increases every 5 years and 3-5 year options.Status: SOLD
  • Eckerd, Monticello, NY #A1004
    $3,490,000 CAP 6.96. 11 years remaining on 20 year lease. 13,500 sq.ft. on 2.546 acres. Rental escalations and four (5) year options.
  • El Poyo Loco Portfolio, Five Locations in AZ
    $1,600,000 - $1,800,000 CAP 6.75% 15 years remaining on NNN leases with options. Locations are Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and two in Phoenix.
  • Family Dollar Portfolio, 3 Locations in TX
    $1,660,000 Each CAP 8.77% 10 years remaining in Double net lease with 10% increases at end of year 5.
  • Family Dollar Portfolio, 4 Locations in NM
    $3,100,000 CAP 7.75% 8 years remaining on NNN lease with 4-5 year optioins.
  • Gold's Gym, Reno, NV #A1018
    $8,240,000 CAP 7.13%. 33,000 sq.ft. bldg on 3.71 acres. 10 year net lease with rent increases. Personal guarantee of franchisee. Very sucessful operation, AAA+ unbelievable location.Status: In Escrow
  • Goodyear Tire, Canton, OH #1013
    $1,471,429 CAP 7.0. 10 year lease with 2 (5) year options. 10% increase in each option.Status: Available
  • Hardee's, Quitman, GA #A1008
    $829,236 CAP 8.25% 15 year absolute NNN lease. Increases 7.5% every 5 years!
  • Hollywood Video, San Antonio TX
    $1,750,000 CAP 7.25% 8 years remaining on NNN lease with 2-5 year options.
  • Hollywood Video, Yucaipa CA
    $1,620,000 CAP 6.25% 11 years remaining on NNN lease with CPI rent increases maxed at 12% including 3-5 year option periods.Status: SOLD
  • IHOP, Garden Grove CA
    $1,100,000 CAP 6.82% 3 years remaining on NNN lease with 2-5 year options and increases.
  • IHOP, Loganville, GA #A1017
    $2,828,571 CAP 7%. 20 year NNN lease,10% rental bumps every 5 years!Tenant named IHOP's 2005 Franchisee of the Year. Great location!Status: Available
  • Jack in the Box, Los Angeles CA
    $1,750,000 CAP 5.82% 13 years remaining on Ground Lease with CPI rent increases every 5 years on ground rent and 2-5 year options.
  • Jack in the Box, Maywood CA
    $1,750,000 CAP 6.30% 4.5 years remaining on NNN lease with 4-5 year options and 12% increases every 3 years.Status: SOLD
  • Jack in the Box, Phoenix AZ
    $2,350,000 CAP 8.16% 3 years remaining on NNN lease with 4-5 year options and CPI increases.
  • Jiffy Lube, Newport News, VA #A1031
    $1228,850 CAP 7.75% 13 years remaining with two (5) year options on NNN lease with large franchisee.Status: Available
  • Jiffy Lube, Stone Mountain, GA #A1030
    $1,894,013 CAP 8%. Corporate guarantee on NNN lease. 27% increase on next option renewal! Great location!Status: Available
  • Just Brakes, Atlanta GA
    $1,000,000 CAP 8.00% 15 years remaining on NNN lease with 12% increases every 5 years.
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Portfolio, MI #1026
    Five locations available ranging from $845,880-1,329,040. Cap rates 7.5%Status: Call for Availability
  • Marie Callender's, Amarillo, TX #A1007
    $1,900,000 CAP 8.40 8 years remaining on NNN corporate guaranteed lease! Subleased to Bourbon Street Cafe. 50,000 vpd traffic count!
  • New China Super Buffet, Phoenix AZ
    $2,586,500 CAP 7.35% 10 years remaining on NNN lease with annual increases after 2nd year and 1-5 year option.
  • Perkins Restaurant, Memphis TN
    $1,619,000 CAP 7.10% 15 years remaining in NNN lease with 2-10 year options and increases every 5 years.
  • Raising Cane's Restaurant, Ridgeland, MS #
    $2,889,000 CAP 8% Excellent location in front of new Lowe's Home Improvement Center. New 15 year abs. net lease. Great demographics!Status: Available
  • Red Lobster, Montclair CA
    $3,050,000 CAP 7.02% 5 years remaining on NNN lease with 5.5% over natural breakpoint and 2-5 year options.Status: SOLD
  • Rite Aid, Eufaula, AL #A1023
    $2,225,000, CAP 7.50 B+Rated S&P Company. NN lease with low rents of $14.73 psf.Status: Available
  • Sherwin Williams, East Moline, IL #1011
    $1,900,000 7.45 CAP Regional Distribution Center. A+ S&P rating. 10% bumbs every 5 years.Excellent exchange property.Status: Available
  • Sonic Drive-In, Evanston, WY #A1009
    $1,071,000 CAP 8.0 Located on an out parcel to a Super Wal-Mart. Lease expires 2015Status: Sold
  • Staples, Akron, Ohio #A1003
    $4,147,000 CAP 7.04 Corporate guarantee.NN lease. Close to Wal-Mart, Home Depot and other national retailers. Built in 1998
  • Starbucks, Atlanta GA
    $1,725,000 CAP 6.00% 15 years remaining on NNN lease.
  • Starbucks, Bakersfield, CA
    $1,190,000 CAP 5.90% 10 years remaining on NNN lease with 2-5 year options and increases every 5 years.
  • Taco Bell /Pizza Hut Portfolio, Florida #A1027
    $2,288,236 CAP 6.86 Call for information.Status: Call for availability
  • Taco Bell, Port Orchard WA
    $1,326,389 CAP 7.20% 10 remaining in NNN lease.Status: SOLD
  • Walgreens, Dayton OH
    $3,480,000 CAP 6.75% 25 years remaining on NNN lease with 10-10 year and 5-5 year options.
  • Wendy's, Belleville, IL #A1020
    $1,433,542 CAP 7.2% New 20 year NNN lease to commence at COE. 2.5% annual bumps. Across from Wal-Mart, Big Lots, Taco Bell. Great location.Status: Available
  • Wendy's, St. Louis, MO #A1028
    $1,152,738 CAP 7.05 20 year NNN lease/2.5% bumps annually! Great opportunity!Status: Available
  • Whataburger, Duncanville, TX #1012
    $1,845,000 CAP 7.0 17+ years remaining on NNN lease. Outstanding sales, 78,000 vpd.Strong franchisee, annual rent escalations.Status: Available


NNN Properties:

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